Interact Feature at the Future of the Contact Centre Conference

The Future of the Contact Centre Conference has been hailed as one of the biggest and best events of its kind, attracting speakers from Barclays, Sky, Virgin Atlantic and BT to name a few.  As one of its sponsors, Interact was delighted to have Directors Sarah Leff and Tina Squire from the Richmond office lead a round table session on how to achieve operational excellence when running a chat operation. The session was very popular and oversubscribed, which highlighted the interest companies have in webchat as a viable channel for both sales and customer service.

Interact currently has a team of over 50 people working for BT and Plusnet and with many years of experience in the industry between them, Sarah and Tina have a wealth of expertise to share.

The main areas of discussion focused on what makes a great customer experience on chat, and whether you should have a dedicated team, the importance of monitoring teams for quality and compliance, and the role chat has to play in generating sales. Time was also spent exploring the differences between chat and messaging.

As Interact is always exploring new forms of technology to benefit their customers, Sarah and Tina also discussed AI and Chatbots and the role they are likely to play in our lives in the future.

Throughout all of this, Sarah and Tina were able to demonstrate how chat can be a truly cost effective form of interaction.

If you were unable to attend, here are some of the points you need to consider before setting up a chat operation:

  • What are your KPI’s and objectives?
  • What output do you need from your chosen technology provider?
  • What or how much content can have pre-defined responses?
  • What processes and/or scenarios can you automate?

Here’s how Interact can help with your chat operation:

  • We focus on lowering cost per acquisition / contact and improving ROI
  • Our proven expertise means we can offer enhanced training for maximum output in a short period of time
  • We have an experienced management team tailored for chat

If you’d like further information on how Interact can benefit your company with chat please don’t hesitate to contact us.