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Section 1 - Personal Details

Section 2 - General

The Asylum and Immigration Act (1996) requires all employers in the UK to make basic document checks on every person they employ. Please note, you will need to provide proof of eligibility to work in the UK. The documents we require are either a valid passport (together with a copy of your working visa if applicable) or full version of your birth certificate along with an Inland Revenue document. We will only request these documents if you are successful in your application.

Section 3 - Availability

Different campaigns have different working hours, we need you to be flexible between 8am – 10pm weekdays and 9am – 8pm weekends.

Please indicate any days/times you CANNOT do:

Section 4 - Education

Please provide details of your educational qualifications. If you are supplying a CV which has the below information included you do not need to fill out this part:

Section 5 - Employment

Please give details of your two most recent jobs in reverse chronological order (i.e. most recent job first). If you are supplying a CV which has the below information included you do not need to fill out this part:

Current / Most Recent Employer

Previous Employer

Section 6 - Assessments

The following questions have been designed to evaluate your suitability and approach to the role you are applying for. Please answer these as thoroughly and honestly as possible. 



Section 7 - Declaration

As part of our pre-employment checks, we are required to run a DBS check as part of our offer of employment.  Any pre-employment DBS checks are performed by a third party company and will disclose any unspent convictions.  Based on results from the DBS check it is at the company’s discretion whether any offer of employment will be affected.  Please ensure section two of the employment application form is thoroughly and honestly completed. Once we have requested the DBS check you will receive an email which will ask for your details and then authorize the third party company to complete the DBS check. You will receive the results within 14 working days via post or email. You are legally obligated to share the results with us and must do so as soon as they are received.